KITO's R&D team consists of 300 people, in addition to independent research and development products and OEM products, we also go to Italy to select product design drawings every year, and also select drawings from domestic excellent design companies.
Since 2015, we have obtained 148 patented products. The annual product R&D cost is about $450Million, and the factory preparation and renewal costs are USD15.5Million.

Our R&D team is in the selection of design artwork

Our Italian R&D colleagues are explaining the product design texture. The best feature of KITO products compared to other companies is that the product quality is very good, the color is very pure, and it can compete with Italian products.

Once each of our products has been developed, it will need to be voted and modified many times. The first round of voting (member: R&D team, planning team, boss, sales general manager) to decide whether to promote.

Researchers are designing product colors and specifications

Our new tasting conference, the second round of voting is held in the exhibition hall, and the designers and sales staff vote together.