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  • 1. Design Service
    1. For those who buy KITO porcelain tiles used for engineering projects, KITO will provide corresponding design solutions for reference.
    2. For our glazed tiles used for home decoration, you can find proper design materials or ready-made prototype room on KITO website.
    3. The dealers of KITO porcelain wall and floor tiles in other cities or countries need to decorate the exhibition hall afresh to display our new products. KITO can offer design solutions for decoration.

    2. Customized Service
    As for the engineering projects that need a large number of tiles and have special requirements for sizes and surface effects, KITO can offer customized service.

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  • Glazed Tile Guide

  • General Observations
    1. It is recommended to acquire an extra quantity of products from what is specified to compensate possible breakage, cuts and future need.
    2. Before installation, please check if the reference number, size, tone and quality are the same in all the boxes and if they correspond to what indicates on the invoice. It is recommended to assemble a panel to evaluate the product before installation.
    3. Some products intentionally have different tonality among the pieces. It is important to mix pieces of glazed tiles from different boxes before installation so as to emphasize the natural effect of the product.

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