Product R&D

Although a porcelain tile seems so simple, every piece of it embodies the painstaking efforts of each person in KITO. We enforce strict quality control to hundreds of processes. Almost 6 months will be spent until it can be delivered to the final users.

As a kind of simple home decoration material, why does KITO porcelain tile so outstanding? The answer will be undoubtedly that we boast extremely high R&D strength.

What will a KITO Porcelain Tile Experience?
1. The R&D staff design a type of product according to the inspiration they have found.
2. The product will be sent to R&D lab to be checked whether each of its parameters is qualified such as water absorption, coefficient of friction, wear resistance, etc.
3. Quality tile will be delivered to the exhibition hall in the headquarters to be graded by company leaders and salesmen. The standard for evaluation involves new color addition, pattern details modification, technology improvement, etc.
The R&D staff will design again by integrating everyone's suggestion and then send to salesmen for affirmation. After affirmation, they will implement small batch production.
4. Quality control department will send the tiles produced in small volume to the National Building Sanitary Ceramic Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to inspect their quality and acquire certificates issued by the center.
In addition, the tiles will be delivered to advertising company to take a HD photo shoot. Design team will make space application drawing and design accessories. In the exhibition hall, our designers will design the optimal space application in kitchen, bathroom or living room. Samples will be delivered to our key customers.
5. The exhibition hall will receive customer feedback at any moment. Plan management department will arrange mass production according to the advice of sales department.
6. This glazed porcelain tile will experience strong promotion for about a year. If the sales amount can not reach the expected goal after one year, it will be put into the unconventional list in the next year. We also accept project order after inventory is sold out. Then, the tile will be eliminated in the year after next.

Equipment and Instrument in KITO R&D Center
  • PCY High Temperature Horizontal
    Type Dilatometer
  • TMY Porcelain Tile Friction Meter
  • Water Absorption
    Testing Machine
  • Drying Oven
  • Bending Tester-for
    Hardness Inspection
  • Flame Photometer

  • Baking Oven
  • Electrothermal
    Constant-Temperature Dry Box
  • Resistance Furnace

  • Experimental Material
  • High Speed Ball Mill
  • Glazed Tile Surface Wear
    Resistance Tester