Till today, KITO has been committed to the creation of glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles for ten years. From R&D to production equipment and from space exhibition to marketing, KITO holds tightly the brand concept of dignity, technology, innovation and humanity, and the core value of honesty, co-creating and sharing.

In these ten years, we have successively launched 6 main porcelain tile series which include thousands of models. And, KITO has won countless honors in these years. Our rustic tiles, known as tiles with soul, have won great recognition by domestic and overseas customers.

From 2004 to 2014, each year witnesses a breakthrough and each year shows a different KITO. If you are looking for various building materials and home decors, KITO's glorious history will convince you that our porcelain tiles are exactly what you want.

2004 - Setting Sail
In January, KITO was established and built 2 production line in Foshan city. ANTIQUE series porcelain tiles were launched and obtained great market response.

In November, KITO was rated as the China Famous Brand by International Brand Association. Since then, we strode forward internationalization.

2006 - Leading the Trend
In march, KITO won five great awards rated in the list of new stars in 2005 Chinese Ceramic Industry, including best product of the year, best exhibition hall of the year, best CEO of the year, prevailing brand of the year, and excellent Ads of the year. KITO was known as the most shinning "dark horse".

In August, the first KITO exhibition hall was built in Hangzhou province.

2007 - Being Excellent
In January, KITO was awarded as the High-tech enterprise of Guangdong province, and our energy-saving and cleaner production technology was greatly promoted. That manifested that our R&D strength was deeply recognized by the government.

In June, the branch of KITO was founded in Jingdezhen, and the Jingdezhen KITO industrial park was established, which covers 250,000 square meters and boasts a high annual output of 6.6 million square meters achieved by 4 production lines, and lays a solid foundation for KITO's global strategy.

2008 - Dignity
In July, the flagship exhibition hall of KITO ceramic tiles was opened up.

In December, the first golf club of China building ceramics industry - - KITO Golf Club (KGC) was set up. From then on, KITO started to inject more cultural connotation into our dignified brand.

In December, we were awarded as one of the 30 brands of building sanitary ceramics which have great influence on China for 30 years.

2010 - Innovation
On March 28th, the award ceremony of the sixth assessment of new stars in China ceramic industry was held in Foshan Television Station. CEO, Mr. He obtained the Annual Character Award; the 2009 KITO golf invitational tournament was awarded as the annual new event; the Stone Era series rustic tiles won the award of annual excellent product.

In April, many pavilions in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center including Russia Pavilion and Vancouver Pavilion selected KITO porcelain tiles and related products as their building materials.

On May 29th, the wholly-owned subsidiary of KITO was built in Sanshui district of Foshan city, which was mainly engaged in the R&D and production of tile accessories.

On June 26th, the press conference of "KITO 2010 Zhang Lianwei Golf Invitational Tournament & Signing Ceremony" was held in Swissotel Foshan.

In November, KITO sponsored Asian Games and launched an activity to cheer for this big game.

In December, the inkjet printer in Sanshui production base succeeded in trial production, which opened the third technological and scientific revolution surge of rustic tiles.

2012 - Revolution
In January, KITO donated 300,000 RMB to Ceramic Institutes of Jingdezhen as student grant.

In February, KITO was honored as the famous brand of Guangdong province.

In March, KITO obtained three the most authoritative awards in the new star lists including the best product of the year, new event of the year and annual character award.

In May, we won many enterprise qualification authentications of innovation-type pilot enterprises in Guangdong province.

In June, we were awarded as one of the Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China by a brand value of 3.582 billion RMB. Our annual output broke through 1 billion RMB, 30% of which is achieved by export. We have more 100 product promotion customer in Russia, Ukraine, India, Sri Lanka, etc.

2013 - Situation
In June, KITO won the award of the 1st China Italian Ceramic Tiles Design Competition.

In July, we reached the sales target of 100 million RMB per month, and formulated the sales plan in the next six months, i.e. 100 million RMB per month, ensuring that our sales task of 1.18 billion RMB in 2013 could be accomplished.

On October 19th, we successfully held the event of "KITO Ceramic Fair-Stars Concert" which became the most successful event of the 22nd Ceramic Fair My Home I Make Decision and even the whole ceramic industry.

In August, Chinese company moved towards the world! KITO launched the industry's first Chinese brand MUSE series of antique tiles products made in Italy, to achieve the magnificent transformation of made for Italy to made in Italy.

In January, signed with the 2015 Milan World Expo and became the sole strategic partner of the “Porcelain Glazed Tiles” category;
In August, KITO's first batch of new products AMANDA, CASSERO, ALES, Old Wood and Spring were successfully developed.
On November 11th, KITO held a new product launch conference in nearly 100 cities in China, and tens of thousands of designers participated.

2016 - Transformation
In May, costing 200 million yuan, the KITO’s new headquarter designed by famous Italian designers for two years was officially opened, nearly a thousand national designers, dealers, guests and media attended the ceremony.
In August, KITO’S advertisement landed in Times Square in New York for the Rio Olympics and the Chinese national brand went to the world.
In December, Guangdong KITO Ceramics Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to Guangdong KITO Ceramics Group Co., Ltd., which became a milestone in the development of KITO.

2017 –Action
In January, the KITO’s brand was upgraded again, and the “KITO Texture Series Tiles” and the new VI system and advertisements were officially launched.
In July, KITO's 22nd Dealer Annual Meeting was held, and 1800×900 oversized tiles (K-Board) were launched.
In September, KITO Designers' Activities of second season study tour started in Italy;
In October, The first season of KITO's new story - Black Mamba and ROCK won a gold medal and two silver medals in the “2017 Foshan International Building Sanitary Ceramics Industrial Design Competition”.
In December, KITO's self-developed fully polished glazed tile that can generate negative ions and its manufacturing method won the Excellence Award at the 19th China Patent Awards Conference.

2018 – Go Forward
In January, the chairman of KITO Group proposed in the industry that with the development of modern antique products, the ceramic industry is basically divided into two major factions: Simulation series based on equipment level capability and Texture series based on material process capability.
In August, a new intelligent environmentally friendly production line was added to the Jingdezhen factory, and successfully put into operation in September.
In October, a new production line was added to the Jingdezhen factory.