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Factory Strength

KITO-beyond your imagination! Welcome to the leading porcelain tiles and rustic tiles manufacturer in China.

  • Product R&D

  • Although a porcelain tile seems so simple, every piece of it embodies the painstaking efforts of each person in KITO. We enforce strict quality control to hundreds of processes. Almost 6 months will be spent until it can be delivered to the final users.

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  • Production Equipment

  • KITO has a factory in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, which has 4 kilns, with an average capacity of 7,000m2 per day and an annual output of 23,000,000 m2

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  • Team

  • Our R&D team is in the selection of design artwork

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  • Brand store

  • KITO has more than 1,000 KITO agency stores around the world, and they are divided into 8 standard stores according to store size and style to meet the different needs of local dealers.

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