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Ceramic foam insulation

In the process of industrial development, a variety of industrial solid wastes such as waste bricks, pressed mud, iron ore, coal gangue, cinder, mine tailings, etc., will be produced. If these industrial solid wastes are not treated, they will always occupy land resources and cause huge secondary pollution. So, how to recycle these wastes is the main reason for producing KITO ceramic foam insulation products.

KITO ceramic foam insulation products can be made into different types such as plate, block upon request. Through the recycling of waste bricks, pressed mud, iron ore, coal gangue, cinder and river silt, using segmented roller kiln technology with the extraction utilization rate over 85%, not only can produce new substrates, but also can reuse resources to protect the environment. KITO's ceramic foam insulation products can be used for the construction and decoration of buildings, villas, museums, hotels, subway stations, hospitals, art scenes and other places.

Product type
1) Inner partition base plate:
Mainly used as partition wall, the size of base plate produced by KITO is 1200 (width) x 2400mm (length), and the conventional thickness is 70mm, 80mm, 100mm and 120m. Of course, the specifications can also be customized according to the needs of customers.

2)Decoration-free integrated board:
The surface of base plate can be coated with color coating, negative ion coating, formaldehyde coating, frosted layer, etc. Can also be compounded with materials such as stone, tile, wood, etc. The basic size of KITO's decoration-free integrated board is 60,000 x 2,400mm and the thickness can be customized.

  • Color coating integrated board
  • Wood composite integrated board
  • Stone composite integrated board

Customized services
We can provide customers with customized services for shopping malls, villas, conference rooms, hotels and other places, such as ceilings, art background wall, door frame lines, window sill lines, exterior wall decoration, wall panel decoration and other solutions.

  • Background wall
  • Door frame lines
  • Exterior wall decoration
  • Ceilings

1. Light weight: density of 0.4g/cm3, can float on the surface
2. Compressive strength ≥ 7 Mpa
3. Strong hanging ability: single point hanging force up to 1000N
4. Waterproof and moisture proof: Water absorption rate <1%
5. Fire rating: A1 flame retardant
6. High temperature adaptability: water resistance with high softening coefficient, corrosion resistance, freezing and thawing resistance
7. Good sound insulation: Panels with a thickness of 7cm can resist 35dB.
8. No cracking: dry shrinkage value <0.1mm/m
9. Energy saving and environmental protection: The thermal conductivity is 0.15w/mk. If it is installed indoors, it will cool down quickly after turning on the air conditioner in summer, and the insulation effect after opening the air conditioner in winter is good.
10. Quick installation: The volume of one substrate plate is equivalent to 205 red bricks, and the construction speed is 5 times. Dry construction can be carried out without further cleaning.

Applications Interior Floors Exterior Floors Interior Walls Exterior Walls
Domestic purpose
Commercial area
Light commercial
Technical data:
Wall materials Item Autoclaved aerated concrete block Lightweight slats KITO Panels
Density (kg/m3) 600~1000 500~800 380~420
Compressive strength (MPa) ≥5 ≥3.5 ≥7
Air sound insulation ≥35(100mm) ≥35(90mm) ≥35(70mm)
Single point hanging force (N) Low hanging force Normal hanging force 1200
Dry shrinkage value (mm/m) 0.8 0.3~0.6 0.1
Softening coefficient 0.85 0.8 ≈1
Thermal Conductivity (W/mk) 0.25 0.24 0.1
Moisture content (%) 8~12 ≤4.2 (90mm) ≤1.0 (70mm)
Packing information
Product Size(mm) M2/pcs

Containers G.W(kg)
/ cont
Pallet Size

2400x1200x70 2.88 14 18 252.00 725.76 58.06 1x40HQ 1380 24840 1200x1100x2440
2400x1200x80 2.88 13 18 234.00 673.92 53.91 1x40HQ 1460 26280 1200x1100x2440
2400x1200x100 2.88 11 18 198.00 570.24 45.62 1x40HQ 1540 27720 1200x1100x2440
2400x1200x120 2.88 9 18 162.00 466.56 37.32 1x40HQ 1520 27360 1200x1100x2440
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