Rustic Tile

Our rustic tiles are all manufactured through pressing by thousands tons of hydraulic machine and then sintering at thousand degree temperature, thus having extremely high strength and wear resistance. In addition, this rustic porcelain tile also boasts excellent resistance to water, skid and corrosion.

KITO rustic tiles are available in various styles, wide range of colors and complete specifications. Designed according to different colors, this decorative tile can meet user friendly tiling demands. For example, the rustic building materials can used as kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, living room tiles, dining room tiles, shopping mall floor tiles or other kinds of tiles in home and commercial areas,

In the wide selection of our rustic tiles, the ANTIQUE series have always been one of the most competitive products since 2004. Apart from traditional straight edges and weathered edges, this series rustic floor tiles or rustic wall tiles are available in octagon option.

KITO ANTIQUE series rustic tiles have become the optimal choice for creating world-class classical environment. They are like aging wine, sending forth unbeatably sweet bouquet. All tiles of this series have become incomparable classics.

The ANTIQUE series rustic tiles have a large variety of sub series including NEWTON, MEDITERRANEAN, MYRON, AEGEAN, NICE, CENTURY ANTIQUE, CLASSIC ANTIQUE, POLKA, etc. The specifications include 500×500mm, 330×330mm, 300×300mm and 165×165mm. In addition, each series tiles are available in various colors and have matched border tiles as well as accessories.