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AEGEAN Series Rustic Tile

Pictures of AEGEAN Series Rustic Tiles
  • K333029GA
  • K3333030GA

500×500mm and 330×330mm

The AEGEAN series rustic tiles come with exquisite and natural texture which has rich colors and shade variation in tone. This classic ceramic tile can be mixed and matched by colors, producing quite natural and beautiful effect and filling your home with romantic flavor like the Aegean.

A gentle touch can let you deeply feel the softness, purity as well as toughness of these rustic tiles. They thoroughly manifest the low-key but noble quality of KITO ANTIQUE series porcelain tiles.

As a well-known manufacturer of construction and decorative materials in China, especially rustic tiles, KITO will be your preferred choice.

Applications of AEGEAN Series Rustic Tiles
Applications Interior Floors Exterior Floors Interior Walls Exterior Walls
Domestic purpose
Commercial area
Light commercial
Technical Data of AEGEAN Series Rustic Tiles
Modulus of Rupture Minimum ≥35
Static Coefficient of Friction Dry:0.95 Wet:0.73
Water Absorption ≤ 0.5 %
Breaking Strength ≥ 1300
Packing Information
Size Box Pallet Container
pcs sqm kg box sqm kg box pallet sqm kg
330×330×9.5 11 1.2 26 54 64.8 1404 1080 20 1296 28080
165×165×9.5 20 0.545 11 120 65.34 1320 2160 18 1176.12 23760
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