Polished Porcelain Tile

As we all know, natural stone is not only expensive but also highly radioactive, thus resulting in negative influence on human body. How wonderful it is if there is a kind of porcelain tile that can perfectly replicate the excellent texture of natural stone. Today, KITO glazed polished porcelain tiles tell you that it can be easily achieved.

Through roller printing and Italy 3D inkjet printing technology, we successfully translate the beautiful texture of valuable natural stones such as marble and jade to the glazed porcelain tiles. In this case, this type of stone texture tile can feature not only the durability and uniformity of a porcelain tile but also the strong decorativeness of natural stone texture.

Due to such superiorities, our glazed polished porcelain tiles are the optimal choice for tiling walls and floors in domestic and commercial areas. Typical applications are bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, commercial flooring, etc. They will meet people's pure pursuit of flawless jade and sincerely desire for healthy life from building materials.