Today, increasingly severe air pollution and decreasing forest coverage rate awaken people's environmental awareness. At the same time, people become closer and closer to nature. This is why KITO wood look porcelain tile comes in handy.

Cement look porcelain tile has modern patterns, so it is favored by the interior designers. It is dirtproof and waterproof. Our cement look tile sizes are available with the sizes of 1200×600mm, 1200×200mm, 1200×300mm, 900×900mm, 600×600mm and 300×300mm.

Stone look pattern is a popular in making porcelain tiles, as rock stone in the nature becomes less and less. Our stone look porcelain tile made by 3D printing technology has good imitation effect of the stone patterns. We have the size options including 1200×600mm, 1200×200mm, 1200×300mm, 900×900mm, 600×600mm and 300×300mm.

In recent years, marble tiles have become an increasingly popular alternative to stone when used for top-grade decoration applications. The 3D inkjet technology has developed so rapidly that we are now able to create a natural stone effect within the tile industry. The stone effect tile has the beautiful appearance of real marble and combines it with the unique physical properties of tiles. It is cheap and allows for easy maintenance and color control, thus making this natural stone tile the best choice for a wide range of upscale hotels and houses.

KITO adopts Italian most representative design of porcelain slabs. We use cement textures, marble textures, pure glaze and leading production process to manufacture domestically unique porcelain slabs.

KITO’s Crystal Gotha marble floor looks deserving to be adored borrows hues from its rich sparkle and shine revealed first class glowing glaze that works as an enchanting focal point in the whole surface and offers timeless beauty, sophisticated feel and elegant choice.

Our rustic tiles are all manufactured through pressing by thousands tons of hydraulic machine and then sintering at thousand degree temperature, thus having extremely high strength and wear resistance. In addition, this rustic porcelain tile also boasts excellent resistance to water, skid and corrosion.

Since natural stone is becoming increasingly scarce, replacements with high performance than them have to be used in station, square and other outdoor places. Outdoor porcelain tiles, for example, are the optimal choice. Thickness of the outdoor tiles KITO manufactures is up to 20mm.

    1. Ceramic Foam Insulation
    2. Ceramic Foam InsulationKITO ceramic foam insulation products can be made into different types such as plate, block upon request. Through the recycling of waste bricks, pressed mud, iron ore, coal gangue, cinder and river silt, using segmented roller kiln technology with the extraction utilization rate over 85%, not only can produce new substrates, but also can reuse resources to protect the environment.