Glazed Porcelain Tile

    1. LEONARDO Series Glazed Porcelain Tile

      With some mineral crystal grains such as quartz sand uniformly spread on their surface, this series glazed porcelain tiles are suitable for tiling not only interior walls and floors but also exterior walls and stairs.

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As one of the most competitive series ceramic tiles in KITO's porcelain products, the glazed porcelain tiles are admired for their glossy beauty and durability. They have a layer of the latest glazes i.e. sugar effect glaze that contains sugar-like dry granules, shinning with sweet and happy light, and sunk glaze that uses the principle of ink infiltration, generating clear and stereoscopic veins.

In addition, the glazed ceramic tiles also cover a wide variety of simple style and sandstone series products. Although pursuing minimalism, our glazed porcelain tiles are not monotonously simple. The surface pattern of this glazed tile comes from our Mother Nature, including cloth, sandstone, marble, etc., invariably revealing a kind of peace after prosperity.

In a word, as one of incomparable building materials, the glazed porcelain tiles are the fruits of KITO by continuous exploration in this field, and have witnessed our concentration and profession in the past. In the future, they will be invariably our focus.

Specifically, our native stone look tiles are available in various sizes including 1200×600mm, 800×800mm, 600×600mm, 600×300mm, etc. They are suitable for all kinds of space and can bring urban people natural vitality. Owing to Italian pure design philosophy, our glazed porcelain tiles from DASEY BINA series to GROOVE series and from LEONARDO series to ELEMENT 3 and URBAN series will bring you spiritual freedom in the pure nature.