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Landscape Series Glazed Porcelain Tile

Landscape Series Glazed Porcelain Tile
  • K0603712DAP
K0903712DAP 6 patterns
  • K0603713DAP
K0903713DAP 6 patterns

Tile Size
900x900x11mm, 600x600x10mm

From a distance, glazed porcelain tile of this series resembles a fine landscape painting – ink washing painting, representative literati painting in China. When applied in large area, a special look will be created.
Landscape series glazed porcelain tile owns twelve different print variations, and it is coated with fine grains, which will shine under the illumination of lights, thus creating a sweet and quiet atmosphere.
Two standards - 900x900 and 600x600, are available for our landscape series glazed porcelain tiles.
Meanwhile, many other supporting parts are also supplied in KITO. When coupled with them, a brilliant effect will be developed.

Application Interior Floors Exterior Floors Interior Walls Exterior Walls
Domestic purpose
Commercial area
Light commercial
Technical parameters
Modulus of rupture Minimum≥35
Static Coefficient of Friction Dry:0.95 Wet:0.73
Water absorption) ≤0.5%
Breaking strength ≥1300
Packing Info.:
Size(mm) Box Pallet Container
Pcs. Sq m. Kg Ctn Sq m. Kg Size Plt Ctn Sq m. GW
600x600x10 4 1.44 32 36 51.84 1166 110x110 22 792 1140.48 25344
600x300x10 8 1.44 32 40 57.6 1295 110x110 20 800 1152 25600
900x900x11 2 1.62 41.5 38 56.7 1595 110x110 17 595 963.9 26775
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