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  • Canton Fair
    Date: 2016.10.15-10.19
    Venue: Guangzhou, Guangdong
    Booth No: 9.2.D15~20

    Foshan Ceramics & Sanitaryware Fair
    Date: 2016.10.18-10.22
    Venue: China Ceramics City, Foshan ,Guangdong
    Booth No: A206

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    1. BIRCH FOREST Series Porcelain Tile

      Integral tiling with 12 pieces of this wood grain ceramic tile that has different surface patterns can generate more natural effect, making you feel like standing in a real birch forest, thus relaxing your mind and body.

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    1. THINWIN Series Porcelain Tile

      Decorated with this kind of construction and decoration material, both domestic and commercial floor and wall will be more eye-catching while providing great hardness.

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    1. WILD WARM WOOD Series Porcelain Tile

      Owing to 3D ink jet technology, we make an old ship wood grain vividly embodied on this type of ceramic tile, enabling it to have an authentic wild warm wood look.

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    1. LEONARDO Series Glazed Porcelain Tile

      With some mineral crystal grains such as quartz sand uniformly spread on their surface, this series glazed porcelain tiles are suitable for tiling not only interior walls and floors but also exterior walls and stairs.

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    1. Premium Marble Tile

      This series of product is designed for stone flooring or walls. It comes with a choice of 4 design patterns. It is manufactured using 3D inkjet printing technique, 4-step glazing technique.

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    1. Soluble Salt Marble Tile

      A popular substitute for stone in top-grade decoration application
      Can create a natural stone look by using advanced 3D inkjet technology
      Attractive stone vein combined with tiles’ physical properties

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    1. CRYSTAL FOREST Series Polished Porcelain Tile

      Thanks to inkjet and full polish technology, the surface texture of this marble look porcelain tile is extremely close to the real marble and gentle like jade.

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    1. AGATE JADE Series Polished Porcelain Tile

      The high end building and decoration materials, especially for decorative purposes, can bring people incredible beauty that other decorative tiles can not achieve.

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    1. ANCIENT and MODERN CERAMICS Series Polished Crystal Tile

      This type of wall and floor tiles are specially designed integrating the luxury of glazed polished tile and the historical weight of rustic tile, thus completely showing luxury as well as elegance.

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  • For those who buy KITO porcelain tiles used for engineering projects, KITO will provide corresponding design solutions for reference.
    For our glazed tiles used for home decoration, you can find proper ...